Friday, July 6, 2007

Summer in the City

So, it's been a busy few weeks. Last weekend the boys were in a tournament, so lots of shots to get processed. I also had an allergic reaction to bug bites again. Had about a dozen bites total and thought I had the flu - chills, really severe cramping, dawned on me two days in that I was feeling like I did in the Dominican. So, I started treating the symptoms like an allergy, and they went away.

The FIFA U20 World Cup is here, and we've been to see three games so far. Good soccer, great to be outside on a beautiful summer night. As I mentioned at work, I usually have to pay thousands of dollars to sit outside and sweat - last night I got to do this in my town! (it was plus 33C). I am looking forward to the rest of the games, despite Canada's poor showing so far.

The flower garden is showing nicely, and I'd really like to get the front yard done this month. First step is to hire a bobcat and possibly a crew to put in the pathways. Then a few flowerbeds and some perrenials, a fountain and a bench. I can visualize it all - now to make it happen.

A few weeks ago the Alberta Soccer Association held their AGM. They made a ruling (after something like 10 years of not bothering) about EIYSA/EMSA and their right to send teams to Provincials. Making a decision is a good thing. Leadership can be a good thing. However, this decision is being applied to the current, in progress season. It affects this seasons provincials, after at least a thrid of the games are finished. The decision is to eliminate playdowns and send one team from each organization to Privincials. It affects the second place team from each league in that they no longer have the ability to play for the opportunity to go to provincials.
I say, Bravo, for finally making a decision. I have a REAL PROBLEM with having the decision affect the current playing season. I also understand the underlying politics, and they are not pretty. The only potential, and yet to be determined, upside, is the possible outcome of one soccer organization in Edmonton. In order for this to be a positive outcome, the executive/admin of both leagues would need to resign and allow a whole new set of volunteers (and paid admin) to come in.

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