Monday, August 6, 2007

The 'Comfort' (aka granny) bike

I bought a new bike a couple of weekends ago. Riding my previous bike really bothered me - my hands, my shoulders and my seat all grumbled and complained and so I just didn't ride. So this one has a much more upright posture to it (higher handle bars allowing me to sit straighter) and a great big wide seat! Looks dorky, but I can ride it.

I got to a point recently where I just had to say no to bigger size clothes, had to drop some pounds and gain back some fitness.

So, thanks to an inspirational thread on dgrin, I've been paying really close attention to what I eat, and I've been riding a bit. Our first big ride was in midday sun on a splendid 29C day. We headed south through Windermere and made it all the way to 41 Avenue SW. It turns out that is an 8km ride, one way. It was great, and although my knees complained along the route, I was fine the next day.

This weekend, we rode through Terwillegar town to the top of Rabbit Hill - what a great view those homeowners will have. Then today we rode to 41 Avenue again. I was 'don' by the end of our ride today - but then again, we decided to finish it with a ride aroudn the crescent and the hill got me. And I worked for 6 hours doing hockey photos today too.

And, as far as following the vegan diet recommended by the thread on dgrin, I'm not strictly. I am just trying to really eat way more fruit and veggies and grains than meat, making sure meat is less than 10% of my overall diet, and the meat that is included is fish or extra lean, avoiding all processed food and fast food and overall trying to be cognisant of what I eat. And it seems to be working. Maybe I will have the same success that some fellow grinners are having.

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