Friday, October 19, 2007

Latest To(-y-)ol

I have joined the Mac world!
After months of disgruntlement with Vista, more than months of disgruntlement with the shared computer/monitor with the family (constant battle against fingerprints, sticky keyboards, and access) and a recent change to financials, I have purchased an iMac plus a second monitor. I am sitting at my treasured oak antique desk, with a 20" and a 23" monitor in front of me. these are both really lovely displays and I cannot wait to try editing photos on them. I purchased PSS3 as well, since PSP is not available for macs. Tomorrows task will be installing it, moving some photo files over here and having a go.

I do not intend to put any microsoft programs on here. I still have access to the family PC, the dh's laptop, and of course the windows box at work. This will be strictly for me and my photos.

I am about half way through the photos from the dgrin preshoot and shootout. I have many 'panorama's' to stitch together. One driving impetus for the switch to PSCS3 was the new photomerge, reported to be wonderful. My stitching program, Panorama Factory, is still in purgatory on the infected harddrive. I would rather not risk infecting everything else so this will certainly assist me on that front.

The preshoot/shootout was absolutely amazing. I cannot remember when I last had so much fun!!!! I have plenty of stories and photos to share from that trip, and a few other new developments in my life in addition to the new 'puter. Guess it is time to start writing again.

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