Sunday, March 23, 2008

Progressive lenses (or embracing middle age)

I got my first set of progressives on Thursday and am still not quite adjusted to them. They are solving my recent eye sight problems, but getting used to the changing field of focus is a bit difficult. I cannot keep the whole width of my 21" monitor in focus at the same time - it requires turning my head. They do let me see small things close up - like the small print on labels, or the hairs on my chin!

When I was having my eyes examined, the optometrist asked me how I would feel about having progressive lenses, as I guess I could have gotten by for a while longer without. I told her that I was okay with having them if they would solve my vision issues. After all I am not afraid of aging!

Not nearly afraid of my getting old as I am melancholy about all of the things that are getting old with me!

Like my parents, and their health.

Like my kids, and the worries and stress that having teenagers brings: learning to drive, learning to drink (not at the same time as driving), learning to be independent, taking on responsibility, making decisions about their futures......where did the years go, and did we build a strong enough foundation for them to base their future on. Financially, emotionally, morally?

I am not afraid of aging, and actually looking forward to some of the events in the next years. Seizing the moment and not waiting 'to be old enough to retire' has actually become really important to me. Why is there an expectation that life will follow a certain course - that you must do things in order: go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, work to 60, retire and then embrace life and enjoy yourself. Why is their a mindset that one cannot be fulfilled by something other than a challenging career or that a challenging career must keep you tied down and centered?

I am not afraid of aging (or of progressive lenses). I am not afraid of change. I am not afraid of challenge. I am middle aged!

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