Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29, 1985.....Happy Anniversary

Twenty three years ago we danced to Sea of Love by The Honeydrippers. We got married outdoors, on a warm sunny day. The bridesmaids wore mint green and carried umbrellas. My bouquet had an orchid, spiderplant and pink roses. The guys wore grey, Daryl's tux had tails.

Those years have gone by quickly and yet feel like there has never been anything else. We have always been together and always will be together. It was and is meant to be. There is such a sense of peace and comfort from that.

Those 23 years have been full of experiences, full of joy, sorrow, adventure. We've visited England, Austria, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle, Maui, Waikiki, Ixtapa, Saint Lucia, Punta Cana, Akumal, Las Vegas, New Brunswick, Halifax
We have three children, teenagers, young adults - ready to experience things on their own, ready to come to know who they are and who will bring them joy, peace, security, heartbreak (hopefully not too much).

Today is the Sunday of a long (4 day) weekend. It is hot out - probably 29C. We ate breakfast pastries on the patio, did some yard work, watched Spain win the Euro 2008 final, sat in the shade and are going out for dinner. What a great day to celebrate 23 wonderful years. So,toast, to many more. And to enjoying each and every moment along the way.

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