Sunday, March 20, 2011

Act your age

Rumour has it that I will be 49 this year. The aches and pains in my joints, the grey hair in my eye brows, and the prescription for stronger progressive lenses support that fact.

On a quest for new glasses. The frames have to accomodate the prescription. Lots of classic, even elegant choices but I want a pair of glasses that are funky, playful and in vogue. Maybe a pair with a bunch of bling. Something that makes a statement.

We don't need a mini van anymore. I want a cool little vehicle. Not a sports car though, a small SUV or hatchback I think. Bright red, or maybe electric blue. Perhaps a pretentious brand name. Something that will stand out. Something that doesn't say mom.

Need to renovate. Kitchen layout, baths, main floor flooring, garage, and probably the roof. The finances aren't in place for this but I don't want to have to care. Throw caution to the wind, and get it done.

Want to travel. Just leave everything at the drop of a hat, pack a bag and hit the road.

I want to spend money with the reckless abandon of the son, engineering coop student with pretty good income, living at home and with few expenses, rather than with the caution of a 50 year old trying to get three kids through post secondary! Is this one of those mid life crisis moments? If I were a guy would I be shopping for a sports car and a younger woman?

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