Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's the meaning of this dream?

Number one son left on an adventure last Saturday: a two week vacation in Thailand with some buddies. His travel experience to date has included:

  • family vacations in tropical locals 
  • trips with his soccer team. 
  • four months on his own, more or less, in Germany with a soccer club. 
So while he has traveled to many more places than I had at his age, he's always had a big safety net and quite possibly not really taken in the full experience of a traveller. So I'm hoping he has a great, and eye opening, experience. 

Now what does this have to do with a dream? Only that the dream's primary characters were son #1 and me, and that I had this dream about 36 hours after he departed. 

It started with he and I and a collection of his friends loading a cube van with stuff that they needed to start out on some kind of 'enterprise' - I don't recall the specifics of said enterprise but for some reason I was integral to getting it started. Once the van was loaded, we piled in and headed out on the road. I was in the passenger seat and #1 was driving. First corner taken far too quickly and I fall out of the van, dangling by my seatbelt, as sunshine continues driving down the highway despite my peril. I'm finally able to escape the danger at a stop light, at which point I undo seatbelt and insist on being taken home. I add in the threat that if he does not return me to the safety of my home, I'll walk there and he can expect to find all of his worldly possessions at the curb when he does come back. 

So what does this dream mean? I have my own thoughts, but just for fun I'd like to see yours. Add your thoughts as a comment. 

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