Sunday, December 2, 2007

The latest from my wacky world

Well, probably the 'news' that interests the most people is the creation of Soccer Edmonton. A mediator has successfully negotiated an end to the EIYSA-EMSA stand off. Check the EIYSA website for a link to the press release.
One 'new' organization, with representation from both boards, running youth soccer from T1 through to Tn. 'Club Soccer Edmonton' will have control of T1 & 2, and 'Soccer Edmonton' the others. This sure sounds like a step in the right direction.

Last night, just after supper, the dog started barking like mad. Someone was approaching the door, and he certainly took notice. So did Katie - perhaps she saw the vehicle from her bedroom. It turns out it was an Edmonton Police Service Constable, visiting households to inform us about a not so respectable neighbor. Kind of a freaky thing, really. What purpose does informing the neighborhood do? Is there an imminent raid being planned? What are the real dangers of having this person as a neighbor? I still don't really have a grip on why the officer was visiting.

Colin comes home in early December. I am looking forward to seeing him, hearng his experiences in Germany and seeing how he handles being back home. Will he behave like a kid or an adult? Which will he want to be treated as?

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