Monday, February 18, 2008

The Winter of my Discontent

So far 2008 has proceeded on a rocky path. After ringing the New Year in in Mexico, we have come home for

Bitter cold in January - I hate being cold! We had three or more weeks where the temp was below -20C greater than 80% of the hours. The first really cold day, I got the van stuck in the parking lot at work. I ran in to the building for help as I was pretty much blocking passage for other vehicles. As I was running to the building I smacked my hand on the post for the vehicle plug ins. Ended up with a huge haematoma, but I had full range of movement, so ignored it. A month later and it seems obvious that I broke the knuckle. I've been stuck twice more. I never get stuck, never have car problems. Til this winter.

It has finally warmed up - gorgeous day Friday - about plus 9C. Snow melting furiously. Reveals that my new, $20K roof, leaks! Absolutely flooded the front porch, small leak in the house, all at the peak. Now, this is the third set of 'leaks' we've had since the roof was replaced, the contractor had been here once to repair it too.

The fellow that was to become VP Business Development at work chose to take a different job, leaving us leaderless for even longer. An internal candidate has been appointed, and I am very uneasy with this. When I started this position the Sales department had 8 members. We are down to 3. When I decided to stay in this position last fall, it was because I really believed I could learn and grow under the current VPs direction. Imagine what a bombshell feeling I got when he shortly thereafter told me he was leaving. This is not the position I stayed for, not the great group of coworkers, and not the same leadership or mentorship.

And finally, the son has emphatically decided NOT to pursue opportunities at universities other than the U of A. He has absolutely no idea what he is giving up, and what he will never be able to have because of this decision, and my trying to persuade is having really negative results.

Today is day 4 of a 4 day weekend for me. I spent Friday running errands, buying exciting things like new laundry hampers, Saturday working on decluttering and laundry, yesterday more of the same, with a special 'flooded laundry room' to shake things up. Today it is finishing touches of housework, hopefully a trip out for some new work pants, and then a houseful of folks for a team meeting this p.m. How I wish I could write that I'd spent the 4 days putzing in the garden and taking photos! Or hiking in the mountains or at the ocean. But, I've got a sparkling clean laundry room.

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