Thursday, February 7, 2008

Winter, Still

Oh dear, it has been a long time since I said anything! We've had some interesting, busy days since Christmas. With Colin home the driving has increased exponentially. So have the food bills :-)

We spent the week of New Years at a resort on the Riviera Maya. Not our best vacation - had some cold weather, staff shortages at the resort that resulted in less than stellar service, and 6 of us with different points of view on what made a good day. However, I definitely want to return to that part of the world, and I definitely need another tropical vacation ASAP!!!!

The weather here has been outrageous and apparently will continue with severe cold snaps for the next two months! I am getting old and grumpy because I really hate the winter here and really wish I lived elsewhere during December - February, or more!

I have been in a major photographic slump, with no team photo work and no scenes that are photographable when I am not at work i.e in the dark!

I have been trying to eat according to the Eat to Live model of Dr. Fuhrman - mostly fruits and veg, very little meat, little oil...I have experienced a major decrease in joint pain in my hips and hands. I have a new complaint of pain in my shoulders but I think that has more to do with the ergonomics of my chair at work than anything else. When I pay attention to how I sit, its not so bad. I am not experiencing huge weight loss. I lost close to 10lb last summer, then plateaued for quite a while, then have lost a few more. Still have not lost 20, but then I am not rigorous to the plan. Daryl is such a wonderful cook and I cannot impose my choice too greatly onto him.

Have been spending lots of time dreaming about owning property in the Caribbean or Yucatan... lots of time dreaming about this. I love being Canadian but I don't love living in Canada right now.

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