Friday, May 9, 2008

Ahhh, JOY!

I spent all day in the garden.It was glorious. There is still enough to do that I can spend all day tomorrow in the garden too.
The sound of bird chatter is almost deafening here! I am so glad. It's really important to just be outside for a while, not rushing back and forth, but observing and listening. A robin marched along the planter after I had cleaned it up - oblivious to me, finding seeds and treasure. I saw at least a dozen species of bird in my yard today. Many squirrels too.

Today accomplishments:
The planter on the front veranda cleaned up and planted with pansies, nasturtium seeds and basil seeds. The whole works are edible, though I've never eaten pansies or nasturtiums.
The dog debris under the pine and around the front step has been cleaned up.
The new planters in the front yard have been weeded and inspected. Looks like most of the roses made it,some of the perennials(transplants from my yard better than new ones, it seems).
Daryl moved planter #1 and filled it with garden soil. I planted peas, carrots, beets and mesclun mix in it. Too much for the space but I'll deal with that later.

I weeded the new planter under the family room window. I absorbed alot of heat from the sun doing so, so decided that we needed to buy more tender plants for that location. If they are going to survive anywhere in this yard, i will be there. So we planned a trip to the garden center.

Marty the vac truck driver was here and told D that NGT has gone out of business again. Daryl was telling me this as he was backing the van off the drive, and for whatever reason, he backed into the car! Huge scrape along the passanger side of the car. Scrape on the back end of the van. A two-fer! Oh, heartbreak - the van has made it 18 months scratch free. The car is cursed. Maybe it's a good thing it didn't end up as the kids car. So, a call to the insurance company and off to Holes.

We bought some perennials, and a few annuals but prices are way up. Not surprisingly, since utilities and wages are way up.

Tomorrow, assuming I can move, I will finish cleaning the front drive and the back deck. Alex has soccer all day, including an exhibition game in the afternoon. CB has his first league game Sunday.

Next week will be very busy, with soccer, soccer, soccer, and Colin's grad.

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