Thursday, May 15, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

That was the theme for Scona's class of 2008, the 100th graduating class of Strathcona High. Tonight was commencement, and the ceremony was well executed and classy. The key note speaker, Rudy Wiebe, was brilliant. Many positive messages about moving on, taking chances, growing up.

I was amazed at the names called that were in the GHL kindergarten class of 1995! Many of those kids have been in the same school all 13 years.

The ceremony was at the Jubilee, and the seats were assigned. I knew we were in the balcony but wasn't sure how removed from the stage that was. I guessed about which lens to bring, and decided on the 135mmf2. The 70 - 200 may have been a better choice - more reach. But as it was I think I ended up with lots of motion blur at f2, so 2.8 may not have been enough even with the stage lighting. CB agreed to hold still for a couple shots afterward. I missed some great photojournalistic moments. I really have much to learn on that front.

in any case, my first has graduated from high school. He approaches adulthood and all the rights and responsibilities there of. WOW. Time really does fly!

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