Monday, April 6, 2009

Basement, thy time has come!

We have cleaned out the stack of unpacked boxes that have been there since we moved. We have cleaned out the storage room! Wow, it seems like a huge feat, and only took about 8 hours total! Many boxes of things to Goodwill, many others to trash. A few to keep! A few treasures were uncovered, like Katie's diary from 2000, and Colin's father's day poem from grade 3! And photos, snap shots from the early years. All safely tucked away into plastic totes to be retrieved 'in the future'!

With everything gone, we can now start to imagine how the new space will shape up, and even had a new, good idea! We are getting closer, closer every da-ay. I don't know who gets credit for that line, but thanks!

I took some before photos on Saturday - really amazing how you don't 'see' things when you look at them every day. The basement really is a disaster - holes in the ceiling, clutter everywhere, smelly cat smells. I've walked through the new plans with the kids, and they are all quite excited. I am sure we will have many conflabs when the time comes to choose the finishes. I have a plan tho - Colin gets first say on the bath and his room, Alex can be primary on the color and carpet for the common area, KT gets dibs on the upstairs bathroom and I get veto power on it all! Muwhahah!

This is gonna be great!

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