Friday, July 24, 2009

A Most Spectacular Fall

I am a fairly clumsy person. If you know me you know that. Two weeks ago yesterday, I was barely awake, and quite possibly pinging, when the carpet guys arrived to do Colin's room. They didn't like Kelso so I got up to get the dog, tripped over either my camera bag, a USB cord or the battery that was lying in the middle of the floor. In any case, I knew I was falling, but there was a chair right beside me, so I grabbed it. Thought I would catch myself. Instead, I continued falling and dragged the chair over as well. Slid across the hardwood floor until the wall stopped my head from going any further. The first intense pain was my face and my thumb. And then I realized I had badly bruised my left forearm and right thigh. How? I don't know. The bruise on my thigh was epic! At first it had a very phallic look to it, but it grew to be more watermelon like. If you know me you know my thighs are not small, so a bruise that covers my whole thigh, all the way around, is big! The bruise is mostly gone, but there is this hard piece in the center of it, getting smaller, but still there and occasionally still sore. Weird thing is that my thumb is still very swollen and very sore.

In any case, a fall like this highlights the fact that I am not as young as I used to be. No more picking myself up and dusting off, and getting right back to what I was doing.

We are still waiting for the final installations downstairs - cupboards, sinks and counter tops are supposed to be here Monday. Fingers crossed.

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