Monday, July 6, 2009

Why does everything take so long, jaques?

So the painters arrived Tuesday afternoon and spent Tuesday through Friday prepping! Gawd! I just wanted to grab the brush and roller and do it myself! By Saturday the back portion was finished, and we were able to install the new washer dryer! (Thanks mom and dad), get much laundry done, and get the shelving set up for the pantry.
We had bought IKEA 24" wide pantries, which would have been beautiful. But once the space was finished, it was 2" too short for their 80" of height, and modifying them would probably have ruined them. So they went back to IKEA, and we replaced them with Bestra units. 75" tall, 48" wide, but only 15" deep. Now, will this cause us grief, or to be less pack-rat-ish?

And, I just really want to test this new SmugMug feature!

w00t! Isn't that the coolest!

Happy Birthday to DRB today too! Bike ride time!

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