Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Quiet Day. Started with a bike ride bright and early, since we don't have to herd kids to school these days. You would think that an early ride at the end of June would be good - avoid the midday heat. Well, I nearly froze! It was about 9C at 8 a.m. today, with a light drizzle and a not so light wind. We changed the route up a bit - went Windermere Drive to Ellerslie, then in through Langdale and Ambleside and then home. Not sure if that is a different distance than our usual or not. After the ride, DRB went to the office and I puttered around, working on photos, cleaning house. Cleaned the locker room of evidence of Ginger, so we can now figure out if Spot is destined for the same fate or not. CB and KT both worked, Alex had training with Benfica. We had fajitas for supper, and I just finished work.

Not really a big party for the anniversary! But a good day, without trouble or strife. What more is there to ask for!

On a different note, the painters did not show up today. We are so danged close to being finished, these sorts of delays are getting to me. I am planning, in detail, all the finishing touches, and I am growing weary of waiting!

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