Friday, June 26, 2009

Gingersnap doesn't live here any more

So bizarre. I mean really - surreal, even. Gingersnap has been a great pet. Loving, cuddly kitten. But, when we moved (maybe before?) he started peeing in inappropriate places. This was made worse when he developed diabetes. When we decided to have the basement done, we knew that his time with us was limited. No way can we afford to replace the carpet only to have it ruined again.

So, the basement reno started n April, but it wasn't until the carpet timeline became a reality that we made the appointment at the vet. This was really hard - how would the kids feel? how will the other cat adapt? is this the right decision - the cat is otherwise healthy ( to our untrained eyes anyway). But then every time there was a new load of laundry that reeked of pee, or I had to wipe up pee in the locker room, bathroom or my bedroom, or anytime I stepped on the warped flooring at the front door, I knew he needed to go. So the appointment was made. And today was the day.

Well, D & K and Ginger, who fought getting into the carrier, headed out at 4:45. D returns to tell me that the vet suggested having Ginger become a clinic cat. Pay a surrender fee for NOT putting him down. Would I have done this? iDunno. Was it the right decision? iDunno. I still feel as though he is my responsibility. The fact that he is living there, rather than here, makes me feel guilty. I am left wondering "will he have a good night? will he wake the folks up there at 4:30 as he did here?" Why was I unable to get him to stop peeing everywhere? How will Spot adjust?

Honestly, this was a really hard decision, and having it turn into a non decision, does not make it better. Not tonight anyway.

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