Monday, May 10, 2010

The Garden Diaries #6

The first weekend in May, I was in Calgary photographing the Highland Dance Provincial Championship competition. We came home Sunday night, and I had a good solid week of photography work to do, so the significant snow fall on May 4 was perfect timing!

It is quite lovely out again, so I have spent another day working in the garden. Yesterday I was able to pull the significant number of dandelions from my front planter, and finished just before it started hailing! Daryl planted some of the seeds we bought from the seed bank yesterday as well. Today, I planted an Astilbe, a black Asiatic lily and a bleeding heart in the front planter, as well as about a half dozen gladiolas. Then I raked more twigs and leaves from the front yard and the garden to the east side of the house. It is amazing that I can haul 13 large garbage bags of yard waste to the curb, and still suspect that a visitor wouldn't know I had even started my yard clean up.

There are lots of tulips poking through, and the raspberries out front look great. The irises do too, so that garden should be really nice this year.

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