Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happier Than (and as dirty as) a Pig in Shit

I've been gardening, all weekend long. Digging, planting, digging, planting, watering. It is absolutely gorgeous out: 25C, clear blue skies, no wind. The back yard is a hive of activity, with about a dozen bird species doing the mating dance.

We put the sunflowers and sweetpeas in the ground Thursday, all around the perimeter of the 'cage'. Yesterday, after getting my hair cut (too short, says DRB), we went to Millcreek Nursery and then to Salisbury Greenhouse. Bought some lilacs, a rose, a double flowering plum and some perennials. Got them all, plus my glads, into the ground today.

Alex mowed the front lawn, Daryl power washed the front porch office. The forecast for the rest of the week is glorious, and I do believe that I will be ready to plant my planters full of annuals, put the hammock out, and sit back and enjoy the weather! Daryl grabbed this (NOT VERY) charming glam shot of me:

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