Sunday, April 3, 2011

Maui 2011: the marvelous middle

Once we had all luggage accounted for, groceries and other 'necessities' purchased, the relaxing could begin. Wednesday morning we headed to Big Beach. Stunningly beautiful, and hardly anyone there. Big surf though, so no water sports for us. Just hanging out, watching the boogie boarders enjoy the waves and getting a sun burn.

Late lunch in Kihei. Ended up at Fred's for tacos. Nothing spectacular there. We watched some humpbacks frolicking just off Kam II as we ate, a sign of good things to come! Headed up to Iao State Park in the late afternoon, and were treated to a light rain shower, and a rainbow.

Thursday was our day to drive to Hana. Beautiful weather, gorgeous drive, spectacular views. Every bit as gorgeous as the hype leads you to expect. We'd started this drive on previous trips, but hadn't gotten to the half way point. This time, we not only went all the way to Hana but also the rest of the way around. There must be a dozen different Eco systems along the route, from lush rain forest to barren desert, all with stunning ocean views. We stopped at one of the road side banana bread vendors, as well as for 'ice cream' at Coconut Glen's, where KT had an interesting chat with the girl running the stand about wanderlust.

We had take out burgers from the Hana Ranch restaurant. They were expensive, not properly cooked, and pretty bad! Dinner out that night at Maui Masala. This is a small buffet style cafe, and not what we were expecting, but the food was good.

Friday's plan was to head into Lahaina for some t shirt shopping and general hanging about. After lunch at Captain Jack's, which was pretty good, we headed further north. On our first trip here, in 1994, we drove this road and giggled at the signs instructing you to honk when negotiating the blind curves in the road. The road is much improved, and an easy drive. The rain rolled in, leading to some very pretty skies,

and when we stopped in Ka'anapali for some beach time we were treated to another rainbow. Headed back to Lahaina for Cheeseburgers in Paradise, got a parking spot right on Front Street, watched the sun set while we waited for our table.

It's been an awesome trip so far, and I'm enjoying the company. I think we made the right choice to not force Alex along, at least from the point of avoiding the petty bickering and general grumpiness of the two kids together! I just hope the house is still standing and not too badly abused when we get home!

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