Monday, April 25, 2011

It's Spring, I think

April has been an unpleasant month. More than half my yard is still covered in snow, and that which is not is either under water or covered with snow mold. This time last year I had a significant amount of garden clean up done. This year, not so much!

Even the birds are late. Robins arrived this past week. There are some raptors around, and the red polls may have finally moved on. The rabbits that have been feeding under the bird feeders all winter are starting to turn color - and they are brown! Not quite the right color of a jack rabbit. I'm starting to think they are escapees from a former neighbors hutch! The porcupines are back, and so are the chipmunks.

Yesterday was actually warm, and we were able to sit outside for an hour or so, checking out the yard, planning where to plant the vegetables this year, and what to plant in the new planter. I still have this idea that we could produce all of our own vegetables, at least a couple of months supply. I've had fantastic gardens at our other homes, but of course the difference has been unlimited access to water for them. Here, since we get water via truck, we don't water quite as recklessly. Note to self: I now remember that one of the things we were going to install this spring was some really large rain barrels.

The other sure sign that spring has arrived is the start of construction (destruction, actually) in the field across the road. Bright and early this morning the rumble of graders and back hoes started. The road is strewn with the parked cars of the workers, apparently a small army's worth. I am of mixed emotion about the development across the way. With it will come city water service to our crescent (I hope) and at the very least, a fire hydrant within workable reach of my home! It should also bring competition for internet and television providers, which should bring me faster connection speed. Building homes in the field should buffer the current 'background' noise of the Henday. A neighborhood will be less unattractive than the plantless expanse of dirt that has been there since the developer ripped the crop out of the field three years ago. The wildlife that used that field for home have been more or less AWOL since. Since it isn't possible to turn back time, it is better to find the positive in the change than to spend too much time lamenting it.

Spring is here, and with it a sense of new inspiration. Time to embrace change; time for new growth.

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