Thursday, October 25, 2012

For Hire

This fall, we have more or less become empty nesters. Child #1 does still live here, but being in the last year of Engineering at the U of A and having a full 7 course load means we rarely see him - usually only in the light of the refrigerator. Child #2 is haf a continent away in Ontario and #3 is off on the left coast.

I have a great, wouldn't trade it for anything, full time job. I have a great husband (everyone tells me so ;-) ). But, I'm used to a much busier, more hectic life. There was a time, not so long ago, that we had about 100 kid related sport activities a month, not to mention work and school and volunteerism. I'm just not getting the hang of what to do with myself now - how many episodes of Storage Wars can one watch? Watching Hoarders for the shock value isn't floating the boat.

Sure, I could go all Martha Stewart around here. Spend countless (more) hours on Pinterest and Design Seeds. We've even been talking about renovating the small bathroom ourselves; I'm worried that we'd get that started but not finished though.

I could (and should) be volunteering more. And I will locally for sure. I really want to travel, too. And I may have found a way to do both at once, with The Giving Lens. Problem is that the cost of the workshop and airfare comes close to being the amount of my property taxes (which sit unpaid at the moment).

And so, here I am, offering up my brain, time and skill set and looking for suggestions of how to fill the void in my brain and my pocketbook!

  • Skilled Photographer
  • Pretty good photo editor
  • Not bad at writing
  • Knows a thing or two about running a business

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