Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Critter Cam

When we first moved out here, deer and coyotes and other critters were a common sight. Sadly, that isn't the case any longer - after all the field full of food is now paved. But, despite all of the construction in (destruction of) the farm fields around us, there continues to be wildlife activity in our yard.

I'd seen those wonderful time lapse productions that Parks Canada puts together from trail cameras in the mountain parks, as well as someones web cam over a bird nest, and figured I should do the same thing! My 2011 Christmas gift from the dh was a Moultrie Trail Camera, and I've been having fun with it ever since. Now that Spike has annihilated one of the two platform bird feeders, I think I've finally found the perfect spot for it, with a view of the remaining feeder and much of the yard.

I'll be updating this gallery over the winter months, with new images of the nightly activities out here. Spike is a regular, making an almost daily (nightly) appearance. He climbs into the feeder after dark, leaves at or near sunrise, and spends his days either under the deck or in a box in the back of our shed!

Last night we also had at least one visit by a coyote.

but judging by how much barking and guarding Kelso did, there were more. I've seen deer tracks this year as well, but not close to the house yet. The deer need about a foot of snow under the feeder in order to be able to eat out of it ;-)

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