Saturday, April 28, 2007

EMSA Discipline Again

EMSA has posted another letter on their homepage, justifying their actions in this matter. Apparently it is okay to invite people to a hearing to discuss their fate, change the time of the hearing and notify them post hearing of the result. In order to put up any kind of defense, EMSA is charging these people $125 each.

This matter will be discussed today, Saturday, on CFRN 1260 by Soccer Steve

Another body to express opinions on this to would be the Edmonton Sport Council

As well, all meetings of SWEMSA and of EMSA must be open to members, and as a fee paying parent, you are a member. SWEMSA is having a board meeting Sunday night. Of course, they are not advertising this right now, so I cannot be sure that it is at the Derrick at 7, but that is my guess.

I've been thinking that it may be worth moving these items to a blog of their own. I've been tracking hits and several have come from people searching for information about these suspensions. I wonder if this will be the issue that finally gets enough support from the general membership of youth soccer in Edmonton to affect change.

I do hope so. I believed, years ago when I first heard about the issues between leagues, that the issue would outlive my kids soccer playing time. I hope I am wrong.

Anyway, I have photos to take!


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SoccerVol said...

All EMSA soccer people should see your comments. The fact is both Mario and Ivan are nasty bullies who rule with an iron hand. It's a massive drain on energy for those true volunteers who have to fight these leeches. I wish you all the best and hope you continue to protest. I will send this link to my many friends in the Alberta soccer community.
Thanks for putting this in the open.