Sunday, April 22, 2007

Today's Fitness

Hmmm, when I feel worse upon waking up than I do during the day, I know I need to do something about it. My back just aches like crazy these days - back, hips, back, hips. Only one solution and that is to get rid of this excess strain on my joints.
So this morning included a brief workout: elliptical trainer, bowflex biceps, elliptical trainer, bowflex legs, etc......I figured that the interjected aerobic exercise might help out. Then I had to give CB a lift to a teammates.
We are doing some spring cleaning outside. It is a really dull day, but calm and about 5C, so not unpleasant. So I am picking the garbage on the driveway left by 'the dog was in the garbage again' and by the roofers: little tiny pieces of tar paper, insulation, plastic wrap. And dh has been emptying the garage, which unfortunately (but not surprisingly) flooded this spring, so there is lots of soggy cardboard to deal with.
Anyway, shoveling dropped leaves and pine needles raking, bending and probably pruning count for physical activity. And, honestly, this kind of spring cleaning I enjoy. Give me days of yardwork over hours of housework!! and I will be a happy camper. My farming heritage, I guess.

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