Saturday, April 28, 2007

LPS 4: Symbiosis

So I have entered the following shot into the DGrin contest Last Photographer Standing 4:

I, of course, struggled with time to photograph something appropriate. Had wanted to go tothe farmers market today, but I just had too much driving and other stuff to get there. Not sure I'd manage to take a 'street shot' anyway. And come to think of it, what would a farmers market in Edmonton sell in April, that would say 'organic'.

So I entered this one - shot it on Tuesday evening around sundown. I like it. I will certainly include it into my study of tree textures.

Today was a great wildlife day in the yard. Started with a Hairy Woodpecker at the suet feeder this morning. Tonight, a porcupine was wandering around the yard. We aren't sure - but it looks too big to be Spike. Haven't seen Spike for several days. As well, on the very top of one of the poplars in the forest, I spotted the silhouette of the owl. And that is why I live in the middle of no where.......

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