Monday, April 23, 2007

More on the Banning

Just a quick note because it is way past my bedtime.

EMSA has posted 3 letters discussing the Spark issue:

You can see them on the EMSA Homepage.

The one thing that has struck me tonight is that instead of a thank you gift or a years of service plaque (or whatever it is that proper manners would deem appropriate for a volunteer that is moving on after a dozen years of service- even a mug of beer would do!), Daryl is being "disciplined".

There is a point in the letter from the SWEMSA president posted on the EMSA homepage that really stands out for me. It reads:"EMSA and SWEMSA firmly stand behind all of their coaches and volunteers for their tremendous work in organizing community soccer." This is clearly not true.

What this whole episode is screaming to all parents of children playing minor soccer in Edmonton is 'don't spend your precious time volunteering for your kids'. What it should be screaming at them is 'it is time to change the administration of minor soccer in Edmonton'.

There, that's off my chest. I can go to sleep now.

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