Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

HeHeHe! Let me be the first to say it!

Today, the alarm went off at 6 a.m. This is because I did my first freelance photography shoot today. Several months ago, when I was looking for work, I answered an ad from an event photog in B.C., looking for shooters. He kept my info and contacted me about a month ago. I agreed to shoot a road race for him today. Really interesting process - paid me and another photog hourly, he provided cards which we filled and couriered back to him. I am curious as to how the photos will turn out. The job was to get one shot per participant at the finish line. 10K and 5 k run & walk. 1700 registered participants! I can't confirm the results, but think they were pretty good, from the bit of chimping I did.
Weather was great, so that made things easy and enjoyable. Sitting at the finish line, watching families cross together, did make me think that maybe that would be something for us to do next year. We could certainly manage a 5 K walk. Now I need to sort out if I will do it again.

Finished that up at just past 11 a.m. and headed home. Stopped at Fresh Start Bakery and bought myself some pastries. Walked in to the house and it is all spic and span. So the dh did the house cleaning while I was out shooting. That is a great present for me.

Yesterday we were out being kid taxi all day long. CBs team played at 5, and due to player injuries, he played as an out player. First time in a very long time that he has had field play. It was fun to watch.

The sunshine, after all that rain, is really bringing the garden to life. Mom and dad's neighbors tulips are blooming, ours are just barely budding. Will spend some time mucking out there this afternoon, and with luck spend a whole weekend next weekend, whipping things into shape.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there from a friend at dgrin. I'm enjoying your blog and wanted to wish you a happy mother's day!