Saturday, May 5, 2007

Of Friends

I have had a day full of friends. The younger boys soccer team held a bottle drive today. It was a great success. We sorted the bottles on the driveway here - a lot of work, not without it's frustrations, but this is such a great group of families that it was fun. The boys did really well, too, with both collecting and with helping to sort afterward.
I was really worried about the drive. It has rained almost all week, with very heavy rain all day yesterday. Then, when we woke up this morning, there was snow on the ground! Just a skif, but snow none the less. No one really knew what to expect from the weather at the beginning of the day. The rain had stopped though, and the sky gradually cleared up. The sun came out in the afternoon, and it was quite pleasant.
The collecting went so well that we ended up having to sort several hours after we stopped collecting. All the families pitched in and got the job done, and the team did very well as a result. And I think we all had fun doing this.

This is why being part of a community is such a great thing.

Of course, the other community that I belong to is the photography community that hangs out at DGrin
Sadly, today, a wonderful member of that community passed away. Ginger Jones was a passionate photographer, and produced lovely images with a marvelous dreamy quality. She was an active participant in the forum, and she will be missed.

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