Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Photo challenges and Pests

The deadline is fast approaching, especially since I have a very busy weekend shooting team photos coming up. I have been shooting a bit - a few soccer games, shots through the day Sunday while doing yard work, tried to find the perfect barn against dramatic sky Monday morning, but I just don't have a great shot yet. And I have not been inspired by any subject to set a shot up yet. I don't mind entering last minute, I just need to be careful to leave myself enough time to analyse and edit the dang thing!

The U18 boys did well in Tacoma, with two wins and two ties. There is lots of talent on that team, and I wish them all success in finding their place in the soccer world.

We did a bunch of yardwork on the weekend. It felt so good to do physical labour. (I really miss that in my current job.) I still need to plant seeds, and buy annuals for flower pots. It came very close to freezing last night, so I am glad I didn't have too much stuff in the ground yet. And then there are the big landscaping jobs to be done - putting the front yard back together, replacing decking front and back, putting in flower beds in the back, the list could be endless if our bank account were.

Still no information from EMSA for those coaches that appealed the banning - they paid their $ for the privilege of being ignored! Not surprised, just saddened I guess.

Anyway, hoping that the photography inspiration bug will bite, or the perfect sunset happens right in front of me! And speaking of bug bites - if you are heading to my town, bring your mosquito spray. The mosquitoes are overly abundant and ferocious. Between mosquitoes, potholes and road construction, Edmonton is not a very inviting city this year.

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