Monday, May 7, 2007

Latent Tree Hugger

Thinking a bit about recycling in terms of the results of our bottle drive this weekend

Our collection totals were:
Pop cans :10816
Beer cans: 3096
<1l plastic bottles: 6549
<1l glass bottles: 2220
>1l plastic bottles: 1046
>1l glass bottles: 72
>1l tetra containers: 832
<1l tetra containers: 1320
'cooler' bottles: 1296
beer bottles: 2472

The one stat there that sticks out for me is the 6500 under 1 litre plastic bottles - I sorted most of those, and they were primarily bottled water bottles. This totals 22% of all of the collected containers - for drinking water readily available to us in our kitchens. I happen to buy bottled water so I contribute to this issue, but I only do so if I am away from work, where I drink tap water. At home, sad to say, we drink water from a water cooler. This is a direct result of not really being sure of the quality of our cistern. In any case, bottled water is a bad environmental choice. I guess I will need to think twice about opening a bottle of water rather than drinking the tap water.

The latent tree hugger in me gets agitated when I see construction crews plowing through tree stands. Tonight, as I was leaving to get CB to his game, a large piece of machinery was starting work on the west side of 170 street. It had just plowed through the trees. Now I know that these are just scrubby poplars and cotoneasters, but they are also home to nesting birds, small rodents, perhaps Spike's relatives, and whatever else is breeding right now in Edmonton. I find it really annoying that this machine operator chose to blast through the tree stand rather than go around it.

I am not opposed to the development of my neighborhood, not a nimby at all, but I do wish that it could be done with a modicum of respect for the existing residents (not necessarily the human ones0 and the environment.

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